• 42Access

    42Access is a pre-shared service, where one dedicated satellite stream does get used by multiple users to share and bring down monthly cost.

    level421 offers under this service category services on multiple satellites and operational areas in KU and C Band.

    42Access services are not limited in transferrable data volume. Such do not have any data volume limitations. However they cannot transport "unlimited data volume", as simply the sources and possibilities of the booked shared communication channel are not unlimited.

    Worst case 42Access services can provide only the CIR minimum assigned to these services. Kindly understand that level421 does assign indeed CIR to our 42Access service category, while most operators not do this.


    • Data Channel bandwith: = 512/1024 kbps
    • Booked Contention Ratio        = 1:10
    • Guaranteed CIR CIR = 51/102 kbps

    42Access services are limited suited to provide latency critical services such as VOIP or VPN.

    42Access services are provided on iDirect Evolution DVB-S2 modem Technology only.

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