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    As our CAMP.CONNECT system is a completely modular solution and is individually designed up to the customers own situation and needs. Puzzle-wise you can add what is needed or take away  modules when not needed any more -depending on your own situation. 

    Thus CAMP.CONNECT does not necessarily consist of a radio tower as shown in our visualisation here. However, with our towers we have found the most effective way to wire a large camp or housing area.

    As the classic Internet backbone access in those areas we typically work is weak, CAMP.CONNECT with its hybrid router allows to aggregate Internet capacity from satellite, GSM or optical fiber.

    There is a play time feeling to it as again the customer may choose.

    The radio tower shown in the right can operate and generate power independantly - either with solar panels or with wind generator. In addition to that it has a flash light protection.

    The AC cooled outdoor 19" rack cabinet hosts all electronic devices so that the radio tower, perfectly fitted with RF modules can redistribute our HotSpot portal via "point to multipoint".


    Radiotower variations

    Depending on their height radiotowers can be obtaind with us in three varieties.

    The smalles towers from 10 to 14 metres do not need any lateral anchoring whereas with those towers from 14 to 18 metres a lateral anchoring on four sides is compulsory.

    Alle Towers werden nach Ihren Anforderungen, Modular mit den benötigten Komponenten ausgestattet. 

    Modular design

    Via modular construction our radio towers can be individually adapted to any environment offering the best possible field of application even on extremely uneven ground.

    Whether in the jungle, on the golf course or university campus with our modular radio tower every customer will always have guaranteed, secure and fast internet access.

    • Power Solutuion
    • WiFi & Point2Point Solution
    • Internet connection
    • Lightning protection


    Our Hybrid Technology combines wired internet access, regardless whether copper line, all-glass fibre or all-glass fibre in combination with GSM access plus satellite access. 

    Via this combined technology every user will have access to the worldwide web wherever he or she is and regardless whether mobile or stationary. 

    Our successful solution serves as proof in itself that these technologies needed to be combined.


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  • Note: All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.