Protcols which typically do get affected by high satellite latency

  • Interactive online gaming.
  • Generally, any application that requires client software loaded at the remote site are latency sensitive unless adjustments are made at both the client and server end.
  • UDP - The UDP protocol cannot be accelerated because it is not a connection-based protocol.
  • NetBIOS - This is a LAN technology that cannot be accelerated as it is not designed to function in a WAN environment.
  • Drive-mapping is not supported over satellite except through a VPN tunnel.
  • RDP (Citrix) and RCP (Exchange) can also be slow over a satellite connection.
  • Citrix  is also latency sensitive and will generally function poorly over satellite.A Citrix engineer should be consulted prior to its use over satellite to determine how a particular customer-specific application will perform.
  • Multi-site configurations requiring remote-to-remote communications will have twice the latency (due to the double hop through the satellite), and may have difficulty communicating directly with each other, although it is possible to successfully use the system in this manner.A mesh configuration may be a more appropriate solution for your needs.
  • Terminal emulators must have local-echo enabled at the remote site in order to perform properly.