Level421 Teleport Ulm, Germany

In 2006 we decided to build our own small teleport as due to the bad experiance on the IP side with various 3rd party teleports. These certainly do have expertise in SATCOM, as they work mainly in TV Broadcasting. But their knowledge in IT is very often quite limited.

We decided to operate all our core platforms and premium space capacities ourselves.

Nevertheless we do have access to 3rd party teleport operators in:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Hong Kong

...via which we do have access to maximum 54 satellite footprints.

Our own teleport can host a maximum of 7 antennas up to maxmum 8 meter antenna size. 

We certainly do not belong to the guilde of big teleport operators. However we have specilized in Satellite IP and are no classic teleport.

All these investments have been made to ensure your maximum best possible service quality.

Our teleport is unmanned, but 24x7 security checked. It is about 10 minutes drives from our main office, a bit outside of the city of Ulm.

The following pictures do document the installation of a 6,2 meter antenna at our teleport:


A big box has arrived, containing the 6.2 meter antenna, which was sent from China across the ocean to Hamburg port and then by truck to our teleport in Ulm, Southern Germany.

All parts together?

The skeleton of the antenna is unpacked...

...reflector panels are in position...

...all screws and tools are in place... Installation can start!

Mounting of the Dish

The mounting of the dish takes a while, but finally almost all reflector panels are set up.

Ready for lifting up

The crane has arrived and the dish is ready for lifting up.

Stand lift-up

First of all, the stand needs to be in place. Therefore it is lifted up to the roof.

Reflector coming closer

The reflector is 6.2 meter in diameter. The 6.2m C-band antenna from China has a circular polarization.

Reflector Fixing

Two of our technicians are fixing the reflector to the mount.

Antenna Feed

Without feed, the antenna can not work, of course...

The job is almost done

The last screws have to be fixed. When feed and feedhorn are attached, the antenna is ready to be connected to the sky.

Up and running

After two days the antenna is finally up and running and ready to connect the African continent and the Gulf region to European internet.