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The typical customer of level421 is a corporate one. He requires internet and telephone access in, as far as network communication is concerned, underdeveloped regions.

Most of our customers also not only require us to solve their communication problems in one but multiple locations all around the world. The reason: requirements for mobile projects or infrastructure backbone access are similar all around the world.

Our customers like our way to keep costs low, by providng them one satellite bandwith channel, they can share among multiple remote located sites. We do not run expsnive hughe size teleports, or an worldwide MPLS backbone as our large competitors. 

Since we are a small to middle-sized company we are quick and proactive in our responsive to our customers. And our technology concept is complex but understandable for all customers. Thus one of our motos goes: KEEP IT SIMPLE + STUPID as this sometimes the better approch than selling the customer a 400 page proposal project.

Our customers appreciate to have personal contact with our specialists instead of being "handled" in a call centre. Every single query they have is being dealt with enthusiasm with level421.

In various projects we have also proven to not only the increasing demand for employees in remote areas to reliably communicate via internet according to their personal needs but also solve corporate requirements for secure and reliable communication.

We connect complete campsites, compounds or villages with our WIRELESS technology, which interconnects todays SMARTPHONES and TABLET PCs. Thus level421 is in a position to facilitate core communication for everybody and everywhere on our planet.


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