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The typical Reseller we do work with has already quite intensive experience in the satcom field with the useage of multiple different technologies, such as HUGHES, INDIRECT, COMTECH or GILAT.

He has understood that his revenue possibilities are limited, as he cannot increase the number of sites he manages "endlessly". He also understands that the development opportunities in KA band with revenues amounting to only a few dollars per month and some customers will only make one person rich,  the OPERATOR of these networks. 

Knowing this, WE from Level421 do not want to degrade our partners and resellers to ignorant technology installers. However, we would like to create valueable services to their customers` audience.

The typical partners we work with, do have profound knowledge in the WIRLESS field and know how to set up a WISP network. 

With our "FWH" buisness concept we can provide you with exactly that technical solution you have been looking for for quite a long period of time! We will put you into a position, where based on your own competence you will be able to build up a complex network even in the remotest areas, which in turn stands for high and guaranteed long term revenues.

We are completely independent as far as the aggregation of satelite, fibre and GSM capacity is concerned and are thus able to focuss these to one high-volume data stream.


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Kindly note, that for all RESELLERS we do require the NDA below signed and faxed or e-mailed to us, prior to our approval for you as our new club member.