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Our CLUB is the place where to register, if you are interested to learn more about how level421 can provide you with IP connectivity in the "Middle of Nowhere".

You want to earn money by providing internet ? Great ! We do have the right business model for you. Please register as RESELLER.

You do operate own SATELLITE, GSM or FIBER connectivity ? Great ! Please sign up as CAPCITY OPERATOR, in order to learn how we can offer you an interesting unique platform, to offer your backbone capacities.

Our advantages for you

  • Information which are not visible on the regular homepage
  • Background Technology Information
  • level421 operated Satellite Technology Platforms
  • Detailed Satellite Footprints
  • FWH Business model details for RESELLERS and CAPACITY OPERATORS
  • Informations about the level421 CAPACITY AGGREGATION PLATFORM


RESELLERS and CAPACITY OPERATORS must please fill out the NDA.

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What are your interests to join our CLUB ?

Please follow the below categories to which applies to you, in order to learn a bit more.


    You have a project to wire your compund in the "Middle of Nowhere" ? Great - plese do register as Corporate User. We give you insight informations necessary to get your project planned and "done". 


  • Reseller

    You want to commercialize the providing of internet bandwith and telephony services to your end users and do have in your country the licence to do so? GREAT ! We can give you an interesting inside view, on how to earn a constant revenue stream with our unique Sales Engine. 


  • Capacity Operator

    As capacity operator of SATELLITE, GSM or FIBER capacity, it is always the challenge to bridge the gap between technology and business. We help you, and let you participate in a unique sales model. Please register as CAPACITY OPERATOR, in case you want to team up with us.