Installation of 3.7 meter Antenna for a Mine in Congo

For one of our long-term customers, a mine in Lubumbashi, Congo, an antenna had to be replaced, so one of our technicians went there to do the installation.

Helicopter Flight

Our technician is flying by helicopter to the final destination, somewhere in deep Congo.

Leaving the urban Area

Leaving the urban area to get to the customer location, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Mine in DRC

Congo has many natural ressources, which are excavated in big mines.

Reflector Setup

For the customer in Congo, we have replaced his old antenna with a new 3.7 meter C-Band antenna. The parts of the reflector are here being prepared for set up.

Mounting of Reflector Panels

The two Congolese technicians are mounting the reflector panels of the C-Band antenna.

Positioning of Reflector

With a crane and quite a bit of man power, the reflector is put in place.

Antenna Feed

Last works: Attaching the antenna feed.

Level421 3.7 Meter C-Band Antenna

The Level421 3.7 meter C-band antenna is perfect for the tropical rain area of Congo, as it does not show outages even during heavy rains.

Caution! Crocodiles!

Dangerous working conditions...