Project Mauretania - Nouakchott

We have provided satellite communication for a mineral mining company in Nouakchott with 6.2 and 3.7 meter antennas from China. The large antennas have been set up by two of our technicians and the people on site.


The Beginning

One part of the work is done. A lot of work will follow...

Level421 Technician inside the Antenna

We try hard to set up you site: Our technician working inside the dish under African sun.

If something is missing, ... might want to check the chinese shop.

Placement of Antenna

A crane maneuvres the antenna to the right place.

Antennas at Night

Two antennas were shipped from China to Mauretania by sea cargo: The 6.2 meter and 3.7 meter C-Band antennas are directly connected to our teleport in Germany.

Connection to the outside World

Not much infrastructure, but a strong satellite connection to the outside world. Communication is possible!