• Production Communication Solutions

    Work processes of international production companies are complex and require Fast and stable communication systems, which can cope with complicated organisational stuctures. Globally acting large production companies in general have several offices and plants around the world. They have to be able to handle all modern business communication requirements, like video- and telephone-conferencing, fast speed internet and direct connections between plants and offices around the world.

    For international enterprises we offer with our product GLOBAL.MOVER a strong tranportable box system, designed to also stay for many years at one place. Our own special development is the COM.CONTAINER product: An open 12 meter Sea Freight container which accommodates a whole communication system, all electronics and more extras, depending on your needs. The container can be moved with a truck, if necessary. We build this container according to your individual requirements.

    We run our own Network Operation Centre in Germany and our server is directly connected to the internet backbone in Frankfurt. This ensures fast and accurate data flows between production plants and branch offices across countries. We offer telephone and video conferencing, MESH and many other professional satellite communication solutions on different satellites with almost worldwide coverage.

    For fast, direct data flows between branches, we have a software solution available which allows connections without 'double hop scenario', i.e. a connection from A to B does not have to go back via our European teleports, but allows direct communication between the two sites. This avoids latencies and ensures a good quality performance, especially for telephone calls and video conferences. Please have a look at our airtime solution 42Interconnect. 










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