• GLOBAL.MOVER is a transportable solution with strong segmented antennas, which are packed together with all other system components into solid transportation boxes. The compact packing dimensions of these boxes allow easy airfreight delivery, or even loading into a regular airplane as bulky goods. We offer two GLOBAL.MOVER S0olution Types. 

    The TT-6075-120 system includes a KU Band antenna with a reflector size of 120 cm, segmented into two pieces. The solutions can get packed in two transportation boxes.  

    The TT-6075-240 system includes a C Band antenna with a reflector size of 240 cm, segmented into nine pieces. The components can get packed in three transportation boxes.

    This solution does consist of multiple equipment component types, which get selected together by level421 individually for each application type, depending on the satellite and operational area.

    All solutions of these types are foreseen to be used and exported only outside the European Union. In case level421 requires to provide this solution approved for EU countries, please do contact our sales department.

    Despite division, the geometry of the antennas stays absolutely stable. Both systems can be installed by two technicians within a time frame of two hours.

    We offer this solution, based on Satcom standard components, which can be changed or more system components can be added, according to your individual set up situation and requirements. We offer e.g. an automated tracking unit with the TT-6075-120 system or more powerful transmitters, if required.

    The GLOBAL.MOVER system is perfect for project operations of about three months to three years at the same location.

    GLOBAL.MOVER comes as a complete solution, which combines hardware and airtime services. Our speciality are managed services with special software solutions, e.g. for MESH scenarios, VoIP setups, video-conferencing solutions, voucher based services and much more. Please contact us and benefit from our long term technical experience in the field of satellite communication. 

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  • Note: All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.