• FLY.AWAY is based on a lightweight, flexible use system with a 120 cm segmented antenna, which is packed together with all required hardware into two bags.

    Due to low weight of under 70 kg and compact packing dimensions, it is easily be transportable as regular luggage with a commercial airplane. Maximum bag sizes are maintained due to IATA standard.

    The system comes complete with a 120 cm antenna, segmented into 6 lobes, installed transmitter/receiver Feed System and horn bracket and a foldable 3-pod stand. It works in KU-Band frequency. Optional other frequencies are available on request. Various transmitters from 3 to 80 Watt transmit power are available, to meet also large capacity uplink requirements or MESH scenarios.

    The system can be used on different satellites without prebooking procedures and can be assembled and activated by two trained technicians within a time frame of two hours.

    All solutions of these types are foreseen to be used and exported only outside the European Union. In case level421 requires to provide this solution approved for EU countries, please do contact our sales department.

    We offer the FLY.AWAY solution without airtime or with airtime on own operated satellite platforms.

    Perfect for all operations which need frequent changing of location and for project periods of one week to one month.

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  • Note: All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.