• AUTO.POINT is a Self Pointing Communication Solution, designed for temporary use at frequently changing locations. It is extremely easy to be set up and disassembled. Setup can be performed by one experienced and trained person within 10 minutes only. The AUTO.POINT system is perfect for all projects which require frequent or even daily location changes. We offer two types of the AUTO.POINT solutions.

    • with manual poloarization adjustment
    • 120 cm standard offset antenna with carbon fibre reflector
    • 2-axis motorisation system
    • the whole system consists of one part
    • packed into two boxes
    • meets IATA transport standards
    • with Intelsat Type approval
    • meets FCC, IESS and ITU regulations
    • with automatic polarization adjustment
    • 120 cm Dual Reflector Gregorian type antenna with carbon fibre reflector
    • can carry transmitters up to 80 Watt power (KU Band)                                    
    • 3-axis motorisation system
    • the system consists of two parts
    • packed into two boxes
    • transportable as oversize passenger luggage
    • with Intelsat and (optionally) Eutelsat Type approval
    • meets FCC, IESS and ITU regulations

    Both solutions have a six piece segmented reflector which can easily be assembled via quick lock connectors. The integrated Beacon Receiver allows precise automatic polarisation adjustments and tracking of the satellite at high performance. Satellite modem and other additional electronics can be integrated into the unit's baseplate.

    A small handheld pointing controller allows quick tracking and fast automatic adjustment of the antenna towards the required satellite. An extra computer is not needed.

    The integrated GPS system automatically calculates the target azimuth, the elevation and azimuth angle and the motorization drives the system into the satellite target area.  In case moved by mistake, the system tries to re-establish the connection to the pointed satellite automatically (IPP - Intelligent Panic Pointing).

    We offer the AUTO.POINT system with airtime of our own operated satellite platforms. 

    All solutions of these types are foreseen to be used and exported only outside the European Union. In case level421 requires to provide this solution approved for EU countries, please do contact our sales department.

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  • Note: All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.