• Our MICRO.SAT solution are so called Satcom-On-The-Move (SOTM) systems. They are designed for projects with extremely mobile communication requirements (comparable to INMARSAT but with a better performance). We offer the MICRO.SAT systems in three different version:

    • portable lightweight autopoint solution for nomadic use
    • comes in one backpack which includes all components required to go online
    • with extremely lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium construction
    • semi-automatic pointing
    • Weight: 35 kg (including backpack, without electronics)
    • vehicle mountable solution for land and sea operations
    • with 3 axis constant tracking radome antenna
    • fully automatic system
    • with tracking controller, which keeps the system stable locked to the satellite 
    • reliable and secure real time data transfer
    • vehicle mountable solution with phased array antenna
    • almost invisible when mounted on vehicles
    • stong, but extremely lightweight
    • fully automatic system
    • with tracking controller, which keeps the system stable locked to the satellite
    • Weight: 28 kg, height: 15 cm

    All MICRO.SAT systems are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, like humidity, dust and extremely changing temperatures. We offer with all MICRO.SAT solutions a two times higher datarate than INMARSAT can do, at half of the communication costs. Maximum data rates of 512 kbps in up- and 1024 kbps in downlink are possible (requires certain transmitters). All bandwidth is commissioned terminal specific on a guaranteed constant base (CIR).

    MICRO.SAT supports advanced network protocols (e.g. VPN) and is capable of supporting MESH communication with one secondary hub system. We offer the MICRO.SAT system with airtime on own operated satellite platforms with almost worldwide coverage.

    MICRO.SAT systems are perfect for all projects which require extremely flexible communication and constant location changes. Please contact us for any special wishes or specific project requirements and benefit from our technical expertise and long term experiences in satellite communication business. Individual customer solutions are our speciality!

    All solutions of these types are foreseen to be used and exported only outside the European Union. In case level421 requires to provide this solution approved for EU countries, please do contact our sales department.

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  • Note: All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.