• 42FlexiConnect

    Our 42FlexiConnect Airtime allows to share one link between several locations on the same satellite footprint. Within the fully private owned satellite channel, multiple remotes can be operated at different locations.

    42FlexiConnect can be ordered with 100% dedicated bandwidth or with a low shared ratio (1:2, 1:3 or 1:4).

    42FlexiConnect means full flexibility in up- and downstream rates.

    • bandwidth can be shared between several locations and terminals
    • unused bandwidth can be shared additionally from on-line remotes
    • even shared capacity (1:2,1:3,1:4) can be shared again - this is unique in the satellite market!
    • without data volume monitoring
    • the service fully supports level421 VoIP services
    • the service is recommended for customers using VPN
    • the service supports skype (if sufficient capacity has been booked)
    • if the Performance Enhancement Gateway (PEH-GW) is connected, the customer benefits from additional speed and data throughput
    • CIR bandwidth is individually configurable for every terminal
    • terminal to terminal connection is possible with double-hop scenario
    • service can be combined with our 42Interconnect Airtime service to avoid double-hop-scenarios - for real MESH services
    • full routed public networks are available with /30
    • all our Airtime services include a guaranteed minimum bandwidth (CIR -Committed Information Ratio)
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