• Prepaid-VOUCHER System

    We offer a "Cybercafe Voucher System" on most of our satellites. This voucher system is issuing "coupons", so called "vouchers". For cybercafe owners it is the best possibility to keep control of their costs and their used bandwidth, while offering an outstanding service. If you are a cybercafe owner you will never again have to take care of the number of PCs you connect to the satellite link.

    The difficulties most cybercafes have is that at the beginning, Internet speed is quite fast. Thats because the provider (probably not even the cybercafe operator himself) has recognized, how much data volume the customer consumes while using the Internet. When cybercafes start adding more computers to a shared link, they will quickly overconsume the recommended data volume and start running into deficits, because the provider will throttle down the speed up to the point when the recommended data volume for the link is reached. This often creates an unsatisfying situation on both sides, the cybercafe owner's and the provider's.

    Level421 has developed an addional functionality for its Performance Enhancement Gateway which helps to avoid this problem. By adding this feature for a one time moderate fee to the existing satellite system, the cybercafe only has to pay a monthly basic management fee per link for his satellite terminal. His risk is limited and shared with his provider.

    In addition, the cafe owner may now easily extend his customer group by adding any type of wirless infrastructure like W-LAN or WIMAX to his local distribution network, without taking care how many computers are connected to the link, as Level421 provides excatly the capacity needed.

  • Prepaid-VOUCHER Example


    53 K

Voucher Gateway Setup

The Level421 TT-2400 Performance Enhancement Gateway is ready to directly connect the Voucher Option TT-2010, which is capable of handling in parallel up to 100 user sessions on a connected Layer 2 network or the integrated W-LAN access point. More than one TT-2010 Voucher Option can be connected to the TT-2400 Performance Enhancement Gateway. Each voucher option allows the connection of an unlimted number of additional Wirless LAN hot spots or any WIMAX infrastructure by 10/100BaseT Subscriber interface.