Content Screening Option

Level421 offers a Managed Content Service to avoid unserious traffic through the Satellite Network. 

The bandwidth on a satellite network most of the time is optimized for the clients business needs, any additional - and NON-business -  related traffic negatively effects the daily email or VoIP communication.

Active content is a playground for attackers. Microsoft Office macros, Java applets, software executables, and ActiveX controls are notorious bearers of worms, viruses, Trojans and backdoors. Some organizations rely solely on uniformly configured and maintained desktop anti-virus protection and browser security settings to prevent a malicious code 'incident' across the entire satellite network. We think this approach allows too much risk.

The Level421 Content Screening Service filters out non business related content like

  • sexual content
  • violence
  • and others.


The screening will be realized in close co-operation with the clients authorized person.

To learn more about the service possibilities and how the level421 traffic content inspection service can secure and improve your satellite communication, please contact our Sales Team.