• VoIP over Satellite

    VoIP is beside Internet Connectivity the most required Service our clients are asking for. 

    Level421 provides a very common solution to connect branch offices to the HQ via satellite and using the same connection for telephone connectivity as well.

    Level421 use a Server based solution where the central Server is located in our NOC and directly connected to the terrestical Network of Deutsche Telekom. Our clients do not need to taking care about the VoIP System - they just get one or more telephones, the Server is maintained and monitored from us.

    VoIP is available on most of our Services. It can be ordered very easy as an option.

    As VoIP Service always require CIR bandwidth - Level421 will be the perfect solution provider for your company. Level421 Airtime-Services always include CIR - so Voice over IP will enhance your bisiness communications.    

    Level421 provide an own solution for these Services because we also guarantee the functionality of our VoIP solution via our satellite links. 3rd party products will may work too, but therfor we do not guarantee.

    Due to regulatory matters we cannot offer you VOIP phone services if you have a permanent residence in Germany. In general we recommend to check with your local office for regulative telecommunication affairs prior to using our systems.

    The VoIP-PBX

    Larger Networks or Mesh-Networks also has the option to install the VoIP Gateway in the Local HQ (Main Site). The benefit of this installation is to prevent a double hub Scenario which is not comfortable during voice calls. Internal calls via a Mesh Network will be done by single hop connection. 

  • Model Overview


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