Point-to-Point Connection

A point-to-point satellite link provides a direct link between two sites, which are located within the same satellite footprint.

These networks easily support voice, video, and data transmissions using a standard data/voice multiplexer, an SCPC satellite modem and a VSAT terminal at every site. It is a very simple approach for point-to-point networks as communications takes place only between the two sites. This type of connection is very often used to provide standard internet services through our teleport.

Star Network

A Star Network is typically used for a Main Office - Branch Office scenario, where all the branch offices only communicate with the Main Office - not with other remotes.

An interbranch office communication is possible, but the signal (data/voice) runs from the branch remote site to the central site - and then to the other branch remote site. Typical applications for a Star-Network are Corporate Networks with a headquarter and remote offices.

Mesh Network

A Mesh Network topology allows several remote sites (VSATs) to communicate with each other via a single link through the satellite. The "single hop" nature of this network design leads to a minimal time delay between signal transmission and reception.

Historically, mesh networks have been an expensive application to provide dedicated satellite communications. However, modulation and compression improvements have helped to make this service more cost efficient.

Mesh technology is best used for a group of VSAT systems which require real time applications (Voice, Video) between every site without the latency created by a double satellite hop with communications via a teleport.