TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access

Time Division Multiple Access is a communication technology which allows the set up of shared star-type two-way satellite IP networks. The remote stations are connected by satellite (satellite-to-satellite links) with the central hub earth station which manages incoming and outgoing traffic influx.


IDirect has developed a proprietary unique technology of its kind which permits to determine the best access method to transmission equipment. Same like DVB-RCS it uses TDM protocol (Time Division Multiple) for outbound service and Direct TDMA protocol for inbound channels. It is an ideal choice for establishing geographical networks aimed to support management applications, video-conference, Voice over IP, web applications and non real time applications in general.


SCPC - Single Channel Per Carrier

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) allows the set up of two-way point-to-point satellite networks for transmission of video, voice and data. The dedicated, not shared satellite bandwidth is allocated exclusively to two satellite stations which establish the network with bandwidth capacity from 64 Kbps up to 2 Mbps or more from point A to point B.


In the last 5 years technology leading companies, like COMTECH EF Data have developed dynamic SCPC which allows dynamic re-sizing of satellite carriers on the fly and according to the demand. The switching works packet loss free.


We mainly use the COMTECH EF Date product line SCPC links. We prefer dynamic SCPC as it is a much more satellite bandwidth efficient technology compared to classic SCPC.