One-Way / Two-Way Comparison

The first satellite Internet service offered to customers in Europe was not a two-way service, but a one-way or dial return satellite Internet service. One-way service works by using a phone line and a modem for the uplink part of the connection and a satellite link for the download. Two-way Internet satellite or satellite return service works by sending and receiving information to and from the satellite via the transmit/receive dish mounted at the customer’s residence/business.


One way satellite Internet is often cheaper to set up – around € 200 – with monthly fees ranging from €50-€120 per month not including the required local phone line costs. While the performance of one-way satellite Internet is similar to that of the two-way service, the one-way requires a local phone line for uplink. Benefits of the two-way service are increased mobility (no land line needed), higher upstream (128 possible) and no additional phone line costs.


If you’re in it for the long run, you may want to consider the two-way satellite Internet solution. Two-way services are more expensive to set up but do not require a phone line or a dial-up ISP, both of which will increase the monthly costs. Within the last years two way Internet satellite services have increased in popularity as the startup costs have dropped. Most new Internet satellite subscribers prefer the two-way service to the one way, dial-up return service.


While the two way Internet satellite may be better in the long run, there are some functions it doesn’t perform well. Two way service may not be suitable for some existing VPN solutions, heavy uploading (upload streaming) or latency sensitive applications and is more costly to move, as it requires professional installation.


In the meantime many one way satellite service providers have given up their services, as they hardly could not earn any money. While One way still has a significant market share it suffers from technology limitating problems. Those 2- way services will not suffer in future.


Level421 since the beginning ONLY has focussed strictly on the 2-way satellite market.