Teleport Hubs

Satellite teleports are permanent satellite uplink facilities located throughout the world. Teleports were built for maintaining high quality communications with orbiting satellites. A teleport consists of a number of facilities for data transmission and reception via a satellite connection.

The main tasks of the teleport are

  • Sending internet data to the satellite
  • Reception of signals from the satellite for control of signal presence at the satellite and its quality
  • Providing permanent capacity for work of the satellite channel

Some teleport facilities offer global coverage through the Intelsat, Eutelsat, Arabsat, Nilesat, Thaicom, Telstar and Amos satellites. C, Ku and Ka band teleport services are often provided. Antennas up to 12 meters across are dedicated to occasional services to ensure high availability and maximum flexibility when a story breaks.

Level421 is financial invested in several teleports to provide our clients worldwide connectivity. We are using this teleports as a simple up- and downlink facility, the whole bandwidth-management and the break-out to the Internet is done in Ulm/Germany.

In the year 2008, level421 founded the teleport.ulm facility to provide own teleport services to Enduser and VAR´s.

The teleport.ulm is located at our HQ/NOC in Ulm (Germany) and 100% owned, managed and controlled by Level421. 

Many teleports operate not only satellite data services, but also do perform broadcasting services for the media industry. This defragemtation of many teleports has resulted into the fact, that the quality and stability via which they offer and operate IP data services is insufficient. 

We do concentrate only on satellite data services to be operated via our own teleport.