The Lights of Congo

For a stock market trader in Likasi, near Lubumbashi, in DR Congo, we have set up a system to connect the customer to the global financial network.


In Likasi, near Lumbumbashi in DR Congo, an office for stock market trading with 10 traders is connected by Level421. The high reliability of our connection and the Committed Information Rate (CIR) within our services were the main criterias for the client to award this critical project to Level421. 


TT-6100 LNB and BUC

The outdoor antenna unit consists of a 1 Watt Block up converter (Transmitter) and a high sensible Receive LNB. Other products require 2 Watt or even 4 Watt. Everything is wired by RG11 4 times shielded cable with 120dB. Of course we also deliver these small features, which are necessary and might be difficult to get in Africa.

Clowded skies

The client decided to use a 120cm Ku-Band antenna because a larger C-Band was not possible in his environment. Working with a high Power Ku-Band satellite and with a link-budget with enough rain margin, the link is stable also under bad weather conditions. 


The installation (120cm antenna) was done by our local partner within one day.

Level421 usually ship the Hardware pre-configured from our Warehouse in Germany so the local installation is reduced to a minimal effort.


Clear view

A clear view to the northern sky is mandatory and all you need, if you live on the southern hemisphere.

Antenna mount

There are many ways to mount the antenna. In extreme climatic regions it might be wise to find a very stable solution. So thunderstorms and extreme winds do not have a chance to interrupt you when browsing the net.

Antennas bigger than 120 cm

With a 120cm dish size you get connected almost everywhere in Sub Sahara Africa. Only some regions like the equatorial areas require on Ku-Band a 180cm antenna reflector. 


Alternative, some of our clients  are using still a 2.4 meter C-Band antenna. 

Please ask us for our recommendation, we will guide you to the right solution.


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