ABB Angola

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. We connected them on a Ku-Band (IS10) satellite to our Teleport - the PoP to the Internet.



ABB Office in Angola

Internet connectivity is a critical application in Angola so it was not easy to import all the equipment - but finally it happened.


Level421 has pre-configured all devices, so the ABB engineers were able to do the installation by themselves.  


Ready to surf!

The instalaltion was done, everthing is working propper. The Angola location is connected via VPN to the ABB Corporate Network, of course via Level421 secure satellite services.


Installation - no problem?

Positioning and installing a V-SAT antenna has become very popular in Africa. Many companies offer their services in this field. For the experts in satellite industry: Have a look at these ancient "SATLOOK" digital spectrum analyzers! It is unbelievable where these great Swedish products are used.

1 Watt Transmitter

Even with only 1 Watt transmit energy the Radio of the TT-6100 product is capable of establishing a reliable link in Angola. And this in KU band ! Whereas C-Band systems cost a fortune, our systems operate great, even under weird weather conditions. So forget about the stories people tell you about KU Band systems. These stories belong to the past.

Antenna Adjustments

With the appropriate equipment it is quite easy to bring the TT-6100 system online and to calibrate the antenna. PAS 10 offers signal strength of 97dB in Angola, perfectly receivable with a 120 cm dish size.

Pointing to the Sky...

2- way satellite soluions are the premium choice to connect people in communication deserts. In addition to Voice over IP and Internet, our solutions help corporate customers to keep up communication with their employees, even if they work in small project teams somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Server room in Angola

Here is the view into the ABB server room in Angola. The satellite system connects to the corporate ABB network by VPN, as PAS 10 offers the possibility to support full routed subnets.


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