A fairy tale made from ice and snow

Level421 has set up a connection for a charitable event in the Italian Dolomites, dedicated to the Children’s Cancer Society “Peter Pan” and the farmers emergency help foundation. Up to 50 thousand cubic meters of snow and ice, amazing installations, sculptures and figures fascinate children and adults.

Internet in the Ice

At the end of January 2003 the idea to connect the snow event directly to the Internet came up. Visitors are now able to send messages from the location itself.

High Speed connection at 1700 meter altitude

The amazing possibility of a high speed internet connection, possible inside a archaic ice-cave shows what people can realize if they are willing to do. This will support the charity idea.

Temperatures below 30 degrees sub zero

A TT-6000 Antenna with 74 cm is used for this connection. Due to the absolute height of 1700 meters and the location in Italy the signal of this installation has the very good strength of 85 dB. Even during snow and cloudy situation a good and stable connection is always possible.


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