Emergency Aid - Mogadishu

Level421 was asked to install one T-6100-120-s system including the performance enhancement gateway (PEH) at the compound of a big aid organisation in Mogadishu. After several weeks of detailed planning the project was executed succesfully in March 2004.


We want to show here some very impressive pictures of this project, where our customer supports people in Somalia to build up a new live. No matter which religion they have.

Transport of Satellite Equipment sometimes is not easy !

This 38 year old russian Tupulev propeller aircraft did fly  the Level421 satellite equipment to K50 airstrip (international airport Mogadishu :-)) It was a real strange arrival and a very exciting experience for our engineers who accompaigned the system for installtion.

Unloading from passenger cabin:

If some people think that all aircrafts have cargo bays, they are on error. Certain airlines load the equipment directly to the passengers cabin to ensure that bis 1,2 meter size antennas fit into the aircraft. It took our Kenyan Partner some open words to get the equipment loaded to the aircraft in Nairobi/ Kenya.

Trip to Mogadishu:

It is 50 kilometers (k50) from the Mogadishu international airport - which is nothing more than a sandy airstrip  to the city. Our equipment and engineers got loaded to some landcruiser (the Level421 favourite transportation vehicle) and then the whole stuff continued to Mogadishu with high speed. These armed kids have been our security guard who did accompaign us directly into Mogadishu.


And we have learned that it is important that people in Somalia understand that you are capable of defending yourself.

Arrival in Mogadishu:

These pictures are shown without big comments.

We always questiones ourselves where all these weapons have been delivered from, as you see them everywhere.

If some people would not do some very dirty business, the world indeed would be more peaceful.

Pictures without big comments:

Arrival on the compund:

Welcome to the compound. The internet team was expected by a lot of  employees who were all waiting to get connected.

Mounting of antenna:

Right after arrival the whole team did start quickly with mounting the antenna. After 6 hours of hard work, the system did go live.

Adjusting the transmitter:

Correct cabling is one of the most important factors when you do install a V-SAT system. Our Kenyan based partner is doing a perfect job here, adjusting the Feedhorn and wiring the transmitter.

Online !

As the time was very scare, everybody did his best to get the job done in the minimum time as possible. As the situation in Mogadishu still is instable and shootings by night are happening quite often (as we experianced some hundret meters away), we tried to finish the antenna mounting succesfully before it was getting dark.

In the center of the roof:

In order to ensure that a bullet does not hit the reflector by mistake, the antenna was positioned right in the middle of the roof.

Power Supply:

Areas without power supply require, that computers and communication equipment is run by gernerator and batteries who serve big inverters.

PEH Gateway and TT-6100 modem

Here is the PEH gateway and the TT-6100 modem, mounted to the wall. This unit serves around 12 computers with e-mail, and WEB access at quite good high speed.

Communication is developing again:

In Somalia the communication infrastructrue is developing rapidly. See these wires. Internet providers can be found everywhere. But also some donkeys in between all of that.

"Mirar" drug plane back:

In this aricraft which we used to fly back, Mirar - which is some kind of chewing tobacco - is transported from Kenya to Somalia. On the way back it´s empty. So enough place to relax.