• PRIOR TO SENDING US YOUR MESSAGE PLEASE READ: Please describe your planned project as best as possible. The more informations you can give us, the more precise we can answer and advice you. Please also make sure to fill in your correct personal data. Furthermore, we ask you to kindly note, that we cannot respond to sales related questions coming from YAHOO, HOTMAIL or GMAIL accounts as these freemail providers very often block or spamlist our e-mail answers. Please make sure that you filled in at least your working telephone number as we always try to get in touch with our customers personnaly. In case you do not hear from us within the usual 48 hours, we kindly ask you to contact us per phone.
  • Sales Office

    Küfergasse 11
    89073 Ulm
    Tel +49 731 14064700
    Fax +49 731 14064711

    Technical Support

    during regular office hours only:

    Tel +49 731 14064704
    Fax +49 731 14064711

    Administration & Bookeeping:

    Tel +49 731 14064705
    Fax +49 731 14064711

    Regular Office Hours:

    Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 5 pm CET,

    Friday 8:30 am to 3 pm CET

    except public German holidays

    Emergency Hotline for Services 24x7 available for customers.

    CET (Central European Time) = GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) + 1 hour