• The Company

    Since we are a comppletely privately owned company based in Germany we do not depend on any institutional investor. We are to the same extent proud of this fact as our customers seem to appreciate this. 

    Founded in 2001, we have been focussing very much on areas like Africa, the Middle East and Middle Asia, where we have been implementing - quite often under extreme circumstances - crucial infrastructure as far as Internet access is concerned. Whole camps, cities or rural zones have been connected by our expert teams. People living in the middle of nowhere now have access to the Worldwide Net. This was and still is sometimes an emotional process for everybody involved.

    With 13 years of expert experience in the satellite communication business we are now working with a small but highly efficient team of satellite specialists and engineers, focussing on complex solutions and professional satellite communication projects.

    Since 2012 we have extended our core technologies with GSM and FIBRE.

    To aggregate all three: SATELLITE, FIBRE and GSM is our mission for the near future.

    Satellite Pro March 2013

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